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CURVED-RADIUS DOUBLE-LOCK CR-DL15 is a structural panel which is mechanically seamed during installation. The product is an integral interlocking system by design meaning the panels install in one direction from a given starting point. A CR-DL15DM (double-male) starter panel is available (for a minimal set-up fee) and may be installed in the middle of a roof area to achieve a symmetrical layout. CURVED-RADIUS DOUBLE-LOCK utilizes the traditional SMACNA standing seam "double-lock" plate. CURVED-RADIUS DOUBLE-LOCK is a very flexible panel design which works well with a wide range of building designs.

CRDL 15 Roof Panel with SectionCRLD-15 Metal Roof Panel 35

Product Advantages

  • UL-90 classified assemblies: high wind uplift loading capacities
  • ASTM Air, Water Infiltration and Structural Tested: proven air and water tightness
  • Factory Applied Non-Curing Sealant: superior watertightness
  • SMACNA Seam Design: a traditional and historical aesthetic appearance
  • Mechanically Seamed: may be installed on low slope applications
  • Expansion Clips: allows for thermal expansion and contraction
  • Continuous Rollformed Lengths: eliminates need for panel lap joints.



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