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CURVED-RADIUS CR10 is a non-structural curved snap-on-seam system. The system is designed with two components: the panel pan and the seam cover. CURVEDRADIUS is a non-directional panel system allowing installers more control during installation over seam layout and symmetry of the panel area. CURVED-RADIUS panels utilize a 5/8”-7/8" high panel leg with a continuous interlocking groove for radii greater than 35'-0". For radii less than 35'-0", a lower leg height is used in order for the panel to achieve the desired radius. For radii less than 45’-0” and greater than 35’-0” panel leg is button punched en lieu of a continuous bead.

CRSS 10 Metal Roof Panel Less than 35 feetCRSS 10 Metal Roof Panel greater than 35 feet

Product Advantages

  • Continuous Interlocking Seam: high seam hold-down strength (for radii 35'-0" or less)
  • Optional Factory Applied Non-Curing Sealant: superior watertightness
  • Engineered Snap-Together Design: easy installation
  • Expansion Clips: allows for unlimited thermal expansion and contraction
  • Anti-Siphoning Seam Design: prevents water infiltration
  • Custom Panel Widths Available



Panel Profile

CRSS 10 Metal Roof Panel Profile

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