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Craftsman™ Series Metal Roof Panels

The Craftsman™ Series is a snap-on batten roof system, available in narrow, wide and high profiles: small (SB), large (LB) and high batten (HB). The pan and batten are manufactured separately to maximize design flexibility and for ease of installation at difficult hip, valley and slope change conditions.

The Craftsman™ Series is a water-shedding system and can be used for roofs and mansard only when installed over a water-proofed solid substructure with a minimum roof slope of 3:12. The Craftsman™ Series design makes complicated building transitions simple without the necessity of flashings. Slope changes from roof to fascia to soffit can be made with one continuous pan and batten. A concealed clip securely locks the batten to the panel while allowing for expansion and contraction.

Craftsman 12 Metal Roof Panel

Craftsman Series Product Information

  • Coverage Width – 12”,16 ½”
  • Minimum Slope – 3:12
  • Panel Attachment – Concealed Fastening System
  • Gauge – 24 (standard); 22, 26 (optional)
  • Finishes – Smooth (standard); Embossed (optional)
  • Coatings – Galvalume Plus®, Signature® 200, Signature® 300, Signature® 300 Metallic
Craftsman 12  
Craftsman 12  

Panel Profiles

Craftsman Series HB 12 Craftsman Series HB 16.5
Craftsman Series SB 12 Craftsman Series HS 16.5
Craftsman Series LB 12 Craftsman Series LB 16.5


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